Free-For-All on Smart Phones vs. Networks in Korea.

Free-For-All on Smart Phones vs. Networks in Korea.

This article in ‘Engadget’, the coolest tech blog out there, came out the other day. It’s a small article, but with a big bang meaning for us living here in Korea. If I’m not mistaken, it means that now we can buy unlocked phones, any unlocked smartphones we wish, and use them on any network we wish!

I haven’t seen this in the English version Korean news yet. I might have missed it but also they might not want this to get out and become too public. If the Engadget article is correct, that means you can buy an unlocked iPhone 5 when it comes out, take it to either SKT, KT, or LGU+ and tell them to ‘hook this baby up’, and they must do it. New law. Of course you could get the latest HTC model, or any other one you’ve been dreaming of. Heck, order one from abroad and use it here!

They all still might have to be “approved devices” by the Korean government, however. That part was not made clear in the article. Remember that the reason for the delay in the first iPhone was the approval by the Korean communications commission? I’m sure the networks will give you a huge run around because they don’t really want to do it but, who knows? If you have an unlocked phone lying around, give it a shot.

The only other article I could find after Googling it is here, from ‘’. It says basically the same thing, with no further details. The actual Korean Communications Commission site is here, although there is nothing on the English side as per usual with government websites, but those who read Korean may find something of relevance there.

If it’s all true, I’ll certainly do that when the iPhone 5 comes out given my latest woes with my Galaxy Tab being hacked.



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